Frequently asked Questions

Before you write to us – check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs). Perhaps there is already an answer to your question.

Which machines are suitable for the postprocessor

The machine must meet several requirements:

The presence of an NC controller that supports real-time commands;
Separate Height Controller (THC);
The THC must support the voltage-blocking signal;
The shell of the CNC system should work on the Windows system (versions XP, 7, 8, 10);

Can I purchase the preview utility separately from the PlasmaPost software?

The preview utility is supplied only as part of the PlasmaPost software package and only if it is provided for by your license.

How can I try your products? Suddenly they will not suit me.

All our software is available for download and will work in full-function mode after installation in 15 days. Then it will require a license. This time is more than enough to test the software.

How often are updates released?

For today, updates come out quite often, and if something does not work for you, try downloading the installer from the site and reinstalling the program. There is a high probability that your problem has already been fixed, if not – write to us.

How can I purchase your software?

You can fill out an order on our website and pay it on the card, or through the PayPal payment system. If you are a legal entity, you can place an order and choose a payment method “by bank transfer” – we will contact you and bill you.

Please note that we work without VAT.

We are manufacturers of gas-plasma cutting machines with CNC, can we count on a discount?

Sure you can! Write to us and we will discuss the terms of cooperation.

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