License server

Licensing mechanism

Basic terms:

Serial number is a unique identifier that represents a license that is not tied to the installation site.

Hardware ID (HardwareID.txt) is a file that uniquely identifies the hardware configuration of the license installation location.

License is a file associated with the hardware configuration of the site of use and authorizes the use of the purchased software product.

1) Initial activation of the license

Serial number is issued for each purchased license. Serial number allows you to obtain a license for a specific hardware configuration. After you have decided where you want to use your license, you need to generate hardware configuration identifier file HardwareID.txt. This file can be generated using tool included in software package – HardwareIDGenerator.exe.

In order to generate license file, you need to enter on the form below. You must specify email address which you want to receive the license file, associated with your hardware configuration. Enter serial number given to you, as well as hardware configuration file “HardwareID.txt”. After submitting the form, a letter will be sent to the specified e-mail with a link that must be followed in order to confirm the e-mail address. After that, your request will be queued for processing. After processing your request, you will receive the license file to the specified email address.

2) License deactivation

In order to transfer your license to another workplace, you must first deactivate it at a previously activated workplace. To do this, run DeactivateAndReactivateTool.exe utility. In the window that appears, click the “Deactivate license” button. After confirmation, your license will be deactivated, and the ConfirmationKey.txt file will appear in the program folder.

Next, you will need to enter data into the form on this page. You will need to specify email address, serial number, and hardware configuration file of the workplace where the license is deactivated (HardwareID.txt), as well as the ConfirmationKey.txt file. Attention, until current active license is deactivated, you will not be able to get a license tied to another workplace.

After sending data, you will receive email with a link that you must follow in order to confirm your email address. After confirming email, your request will be processed. Result of request processing will be sent specified email address.

3) Reactivation of the license

If for some reason you need to reactivate license at the workplace where you previously deactivated it, then you need to complete step 1. However, after processing the request, you will receive not only the license file, but also the reactivation key by e-mail. In order to reactivate the license, you must specify this key in the “Reactivation code” field of the DeactivateAndReactivateTool.exe utility, and then click the “Reactivate license” button.

Attention, the reactivation key is a one-time use and can only be used once. In order to transfer the license in the future, you will have to go through the deactivation procedure again (point 2).

Get license/Deactivate license

Deactivation code
For license activation leave this field empty. Fill it if you want to deactivate license.

After submitting the form, you will receive a letter to the specified email address with a request to confirm your email address. Please follow the link in the confirmation email. After confirmation, your request will be processed, and the result of processing will be sent to your email.

Updating an existing license

In some cases, you may need to update your existing license. For example, if the old license stopped working after the next software update. In this case, you need to generate a new hardware key HardwareID.txt and upload it, as well as the old license file in the form below. An email will be sent to the email address you specified, requesting an email confirmation.

After confirmation of the e-mail, your request will be processed, and the result of the request processing will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

Getting updated license file